Use LinkedIn Stories to Make Sales

LinkedIn Stories is a powerful new tool on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn Stories to connect to people in a more natural way, build relationships and trust. It is also possible to make money by closing sales with LinkedIn Stories.

To use LinkedIn stories first you need to login into LinkedIn and click on the new LinkedIn story icon at the top of your LinkedIn profile page.

A proper LinkedIn marketing strategy for sales professionals is an important part of the overall LinkedIn strategy. LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn stories, a new way to share content that combines text, images and video on the LinkedIn timeline. LinkedIn stories provides the benefits to increase follower engagement, generate leads, and close deals faster with the use of these LinkedIn marketing strategies.

You can build trusted relationships with LinkedIn stories. LinkedIn business profiles have been able to attract the right audience for b2b sales and LinkedIn marketing strategies. You can use LinkedIn stories along with LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn news feed and other LinkedIn social networking features to lead your B2B sales generation activities

Using LinkedIn Stories To Make Money With LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn stories are like a LinkedIn status update with media elements like text, photo, video, and documents etc. LinkedIn stories help you to connect to your audience in an entirely different way by using LinkedIn marketing strategies by sharing valuable content that makes people take action.

LinkedIn is a social network, so a LinkedIn story should not be like a sales pitch. LinkedIn stories help you to connect with your audience by sharing valuable content. LinkedIn stories are one of the powerful ways to build relationships and trust with LinkedIn that helps you to close big deals faster than ever before.

The primary objective of LinkedIn stories is to showcase your expertise and knowledge as LinkedIn marketing strategies to build trust and engagement. LinkedIn stories are available in the LinkedIn news feed, LinkedIn shared links. You can also share your LinkedIn stories on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook etc.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies To Make Money With LinkedIn Stories

One of the most important business strategies using LinkedIn stories is that any replies go directly into the user’s direct messages. The LinkedIn user can reply to LinkedIn stories in their LinkedIn timeline and the LinkedIn professional will also receive it privately. LinkedIn users who have not connected with you can send you a message through LinkedIn stories.

These interactions lead prospects to engage with your business profiles, which in turn attract relevant audiences to connect, engage and interact with your LinkedIn profile so that you can generate leads using LinkedIn.

The Ask Method

One technique is called the ask method. (based of the book by Ryan Levesque), in which you just ask if the person would like access to something of value. So you can offer a free lead magnet, an ebook, cheat sheet or perhaps just a relevant article in exchange for their name and email address.

Why Use a Lead Magnet?

The reason why you want to use a lead magnet is that LinkedIn can be hard to break into. People are not used to seeing LinkedIn as a place where they can learn things and so giving them something of value in exchange for their name and email address makes it easier for you to reach out and communicate with them afterward.

Turn leads into customers

By collecting leads and information you can easily stay in touch. Then you are able to set up a drip marketing campaign to stay top of mind. Ultimately you can then set up a call, build a relationship and relationships lead to sales and revenue. LinkedIn is an easy but powerful way to do networking as LinkedIn users tend to be the most high-end buyers, of course you have to know how to use LinkedIn correctly if you want a good ROI.

Exclusive content for LinkedIn users

LinkedIn stories can really help you stand out in LinkedIn and they are a powerful tool when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn stories are a great way to reach out to your LinkedIn connections, market to them and get leads for your business. LinkedIn stories allow you to share video content which creates a more personal connection with your LinkedIn audience. You can link LinkedIn stories straight from the LinkedIn notification tab so that you can easily share content on LinkedIn while building relationships with LinkedIn users and LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn stories also have the added benefit of being long-form content that you can use to share a story or a series of insights which is great for lead generation.

It has been proven by LinkedIn themselves that LinkedIn stories do grow LinkedIn connections.  LinkedIn tells us about how in their experiment they found that people who used LinkedIn stories connected with more people. LinkedIn found that the LinkedIn users who used LinkedIn stories had 29% stronger connections than the average LinkedIn user, in fact some of them have up to 5 times as many LinkedIn connections!

So what are you waiting for. Fire up LinkedIn Stories and take them out for a test drive and thank me later.

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