13 Tips to help you get a job using LinkedIn

1. Create a “Who I’m Looking For” section: In your profile, list the type of job you are seeking, the degree you have, and what skills you possess that would be valuable to an employer.

2. Personalize your LinkedIn URL:

To do this, go to ‘Settings,’ select ‘Public Profile,’ click on ‘Change link’ and add your name after your existing URL in both the work and personal sections.

3. Highlight your skills: Add keywords (i.e., software engineer) to show which skills you possess that are relevant to a certain field or industry.

4. Join and actively participate in LinkedIn groups: This can help make connections with people who share the same interests and, as a result, can inspire job leads.

4. Add your resume:

You can upload your resume by going to ‘Profile’ and selecting ‘Resumes.’

6. Contact people directly: LinkedIn gives you the option of messaging anyone in your network if you feel that they might be able to help you gain employment or promote your career.

7. Don’t be afraid to leave: Although it is important to stay professional on LinkedIn, it is acceptable to remove yourself from a connection who does not reciprocate, or even try and reconnect with someone who has cut you off in the past.

8. Explore company pages: Companies can have an official page that features useful information about the company, any promotions that might be going on, and current job openings.

9. Take advantage of your Inbox: LinkedIn updates your inbox with automatic connections or notifications from other users and this could lead to potential jobs!

10. Create an interesting profile: People are more likely to want to connect with you if they feel like they can get something out of it.

11. Use the Advanced Search: This allows you to search for jobs in your area with specific requirements and criteria, as well as create alerts based on certain terms or phrases used by employers.

12. Find local networking opportunities: There are usually groups that will host events for various professionals within a certain area.

13. Make a list: Keep track of job leads found on LinkedIn in one place that you can refer back to later, both for additional information and follow-ups.

– Good luck finding a new position from all of us at MNU Digital. We hope these tips will help you get a job using LinkedIn.

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