10 Simple LinkedIn Tips for Beginners

10 Simple LinkedIn Tips for Beginners

1) Personalize your LinkedIn link.

2) Use or similar service to create a custom background.

3) Build a headline around what problem you solve or a shortened highlight reel.

4) Pick out 2 or 3 influencers talking about helping each everyone on LinkedIn. Go into comments and like about 50 peoples comments. (Typically you will get invites from a bunch of them)

5) Share 1-2 posts manually per day.

6) Get a free account at and send a magazine feed to your account that is relevant to your industry.

7) Use a professional picture for your profile.

8) Send out 10 personalized invites to your ideal clients 4 days per week.

9) Click on your follower's list weekly and reach out to all 2nd and 3rd connections. Tell them thanks for following me, anything I can help with?

10) When you get a business card, send a note about meeting and wanting to stay in touch on LinkedIn.

Bonus: Download our LinkedIn Marketing Cheat Sheet


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